Be brave today.

Somedays getting out of bed takes strength. I've learned not to berate myself on low spoon, high pain days.

Waiting on my invisibility superpower?

Growing up I was constantly getting minor injuries needing a variety of casts, bandages, splints, and crutches. On top of that, I've always been an incredibly slooooooow healer so I would be stuck looking like an escaped halloween mummy for extended periods of time. (It's a wonder I found a hubby!) I thought with my…

Summer of Spent Spoons in Pictures.

  Family Girls Trip 85th Birthday Party Best Friend Talks Planting and Gardening...and ALWAYS Watering! Ball Pits! Twenty-Something Birthday for Handsome Hubby Naps...MANY naps! Food and Lots of Family Visiting and Visits Friday Night Infusions Baby Shower for the First Cousin in the Hubby Family Baseball Games Soaking up Vitamin D