Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Journey

My journey started with right eye pain in October 2015. Being in the process of planning a wedding and going through my last semester at UW-Madison in a competitive science program I ignored the pain. Once my vision was affected I decided to see a doctor (read: my grandma whom is an optometrist assistant dragged me to…

Choose your Spoons

Being a spoonie, this visual representation warms my heart! The fatigue that comes with CRPS can be difficult to explain, but spoon theory not only has helped me understand my limits but been a great resource to use to explain to others.

Not alone illness

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Recently I've been given a solid diagnosis after months of pain and frustration. The piece of paper came with a multitude of emotions I had not been prepared for or expecting. Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic, incurable disease.   Chronic. It's a forbearing word.