For those of you new to my blog, I have a rare disease called complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). My body spends constant pain signals that my brain interprets as real threats instead of “white noise”. This means I, like so many others with my disease, am in constant pain every minute of every day.

I have tried close to everything. Every, “my cousins-ex-sister’s-boyfriend’s-kid’s-cousin had that and tried xxx”. I have sought treatment from rheumatologists, pain management specialists, osteopathic doctors, neurologists, optometrists, chiropractors, physical therapists…the list goes on. I have tried every pill thrown my way, participated in a clinical trial, got a chest IV port. I have tried non-medical and natural options; I stopped eating gluten and other inflammatory foods, worn compression socks, got my yoga on, used TENS-like devices, joined support groups, learned meditation. Recently I’ve slathered on essential oil concoctions.

Please feel free to eye roll but stick with me for just a little longer.

I have been SUPER skeptical about this whole essential oil trend. I’m a scientist. I’ve done pharmaceutical research. I’ve run experiments and physically seen medications work effectively. I was not about to trust some mommies peddling “magic” oil claiming to realign my cells.

When I first used essential oils it was to humor my grandma. I’d do anything for that lady. She rolled some essential oil blend on the back of my head for a headache. I didn’t believe it would work. I didn’t want it to work. I’m sure you can see were this is going, it didn’t hurt, it kinda helped *sigh*

After continuing to see small differences such as this, handsome hubby and I decided to give essential oils a 6-month trial period. I was not going to quit any medications or treatments, but give autoimmune and nerve damage blends a try.

I mostly stuck to topical treatment and diffusing oils in the air. I found some relief from sore throats, coughs, headaches, sleeplessness, inflammation, and slight help with nerve damage pain. I started to reach for my essential oil blends along side my medications. At the very least most of them smelt good.

Frankincense isn’t going to cure your kid’s autism, your grandpapa’s cancer, and isn’t the second coming.

I still take medications, go to the hospital weekly for infusions, regularly visit the doctor, get vaccinated, will use antibiotics as prescribed and use my microwave. I have not traded in my medical treatments for essential oils. There just might be something to supplementing essential oils in your life that helps.

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