Meal Kits

Grocery shopping, cooking, and baking are some of the privileges the healthy take for granted. My family always gathered in the kitchen and I still took it all for granted, even complained about having to do these “chores”. Having a chronic illness these are not always guaranteed; somedays you don’t have enough spoons, somedays you have health issues and are on liquid/formula only diets. Meals and the loving preparation that goes into them, is not something I take for granted anymore.

{Magic Kitchen allocates portion sizes for all selections. There are meal options (includes entree, side dishes, dessert), or can order each separately. I love how each entree, side dish, or dessert comes with instructions of how to prepare!

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Promo Code Exp: Nov. 1, 2018

Omaha Steak: 2 skillet meals (1, 24 oz. pkg. Asian Pepper Steak, 1, 24 oz. pkg. and Italian Chicken Piccata), 4 Apple Tartlets

 <Ravioli Meal Kit

Fresh Ingredient Take-out Meal Kit, Butter Chicken Meal

Save $15 off your first box at with code EATFRESH, Start Now!


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