The biggest struggle with chronic illness is the isolation. With the constant medication, the invisible and visible symptoms, the many doctor appointment, the fatigue…oh and the PAIN! It can feel like no one relates. No one understands.

It’s hard to not feel bitter. To not feel like you’re watching life from behind a window.

It’s hard to not focus on missed adventures. FOMO (fear of missing out) is real, but I’ve found focusing on the excursions and shenanigans I do have minimize this feeling.

Some Low-Spoon Shenanigans Suggestions (best when enjoyed with a bud or two):

-Watch a movie/show. FaceTime while watching to enjoy with a long distance bud. Social interaction+not having to move on a high pain day

-Chat and coffee/drinks (alcoholic or not). The best part is you get to sit the whole time

-Take a car tour of your own town on high pain/low mobility days. Bonus you get out of your house on a bad day

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-Have a meal planning/cooking pow wow. Plus side–you get help cooking, social interaction, and a cooked meal!

-Join a support group (local or online) of spoonies going through your disease. It can help to know how someone with the same successes and struggles navigates this journey

-Turn an errand (grocery shopping, target run, pharmacy pick up) into an adventure. Most times I’ve found my friends are more than willing to help me load my bags or drive me and usually they need to do the same errands

-It’d be a severally incomplete list if I didn’t mention the traditional phone a friend (or family member). My support system is everything

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