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It’s hot and it’s cold


The past month I’ve started using Benepod, a new drug-free innovation from Saringer. I received the Benepod complimentary to try, but as always the opinions and experience is completely honest and my own. Having used the Benepod for the past month or so I’ve found that it’s a lifesaver for pain flare-ups as it provides immediate short-term relief.


Benepod Facts

The Benepod is a small, round black device that plugs into the wall via USB C cable to operate. The pod employs a contrast therapy using hot and cold simultaneously to create what is called the thermal grill illusion. This illusion or sensation occurs as the body’s nerve receptors can not distinguish the temperature difference which creates what I can only describe as an intense (not painful) sensation. This intense sensation can mask or eliminate other pain. It is effectively used for many different pain types including acute injury and chronic pain.

Pros and Cons

 Pros  Cons
Natural and medication-free  I haven’t found it to provide long-term relief
 Immediate results  Has to stay plugged into the wall
Safe to use  Not hands-free
 Inexpensive (On sale on Amazon!)
 Has a 20 minute safety shut off built in
 Easy to use
 Works on areas effected by allodynia
 Great for pain flare ups and short-term relief
 Perfect to use while watching TV



My Experience

During a bad flare-up I am usually quite mobility limited. I found the Benepod to need little dexterity and simple to use. The long cord allowed for me to plug in the Benepod for use and still stay on the couch or in bed where I was most comfortable. I found the pod to work best for me by slowly moving it across the area where I’m in pain, but also found pain relief from simply setting the pod on my site of most pain. At most it usually only took around 3 minutes from pod placement for me to start to feel some sort of relief from my pain. The 20 minute safety switch automatically turns off the pod to protect from potential skin burns. This is able to be overridden by unplugging the pod and replugging it back in again if let’s say you want to place the pod on another painful area. Which I often do.

One of my simple struggles with the Benepod is wrangling the cord to pack for a weekend getaway or even just to store. As the cord is conveniently long for use, it seems to multiple in length when you are trying to contain it. In addition, the box the pod arrives in is not ideal for travel as it doesn’t seal or stay closed. Silly problems really considering how ingenious such a small, drug-free, safe product can take away pain so effectively.

Pain is a tricky beast to wrangle. The Benepod is one of the safer, cheaper, more effective options out there to try.

You can find the Benepod on Amazon:

* receives commission on sales from affiliate link (with no extra cost to you). This helps to offset medical and blogging costs. All thoughts and opinions are uniquely my own and not influenced by Saringer.


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