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How I donate to charity for FREE without leaving my couch



Most of the world takes some sort of medication–whether it’s a daily vitamin or the occasional ibuprofen. As a spoonie, I take more medications, supplement vitamins, and injections than the average person. Remembering the most basic things in life while being chronically ill is exhausting on its own, much less trying to remember what medications to take at what time. As part of my journey with a chronic illness, I’ve made it my mission to find products that can make life just a little easier not just for myself, but for the chronic community.


Recently I partnered with DrugStars over their DrugStars: Medicine Reminder app. [download with my link and get started:]


DrugStars lets me donate to charity for FREE without moving from my pillow.


The premise of the app is simple and ingenious: you earn stars for taking your medications. The stars can then be donated to your choice of select health-focused charities–how awesome is that?! Each star you earn in the app translates to one cent able to be donated once you reach fifty stars. As a spoonie and R&D scientist, I personally know the importance of research and health charity funding. Unfortunately, being a spoonie with chronic flare-ups makes it hard for me to be to be as active in the community as I wish. For me, DrugStars fills that longing to further disease charity funding and awareness. I can do it without having to overexert myself and use all my spoons!

DrugStars helps remind me to take my medications by sending notifications to my phone based on the medication schedule I have set in the app. The app interface is minimalist–so even on brain-fog, low spoon days it’s easy to navigate. I feel like I have an extra incentive, besides keeping my symptoms under control, to be compliant with my medications. It’s not often you can get donate to charity for FREE by simply completing and logging a task you already do everyday. But that’s exactly what DrugStars allows me to do–and that’s a star in my book.


[Click here to download DrugStars: Medicine Reminder app and get started with 10 Stars]



* receives commission on DrugStars: Medicine Reminder app downloads from affiliate link to offset blogging costs. All thoughts and opinions are uniquely my own and not influenced by DrugStars.



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