Growing up I was constantly getting minor injuries needing a variety of casts, bandages, splints, and crutches. On top of that, I’ve always been an incredibly slooooooow healer so I would be stuck looking like an escaped halloween mummy for extended periods of time. (It’s a wonder I found a hubby!)

I thought with my past injury-prone existence (thanks to most likely early signs of crps) that I would be able to adjust


to the questions and unwanted attention that comes with having an odd illness like complex regional pain syndrome (crps). I had not realized that being in your twenties and walking with a cane garners more attentions and questions than anyone can cope comfortably with.

There have been many times I have prayed crps comes with an invisibility superpower. That way I could dodge random strangers’ questions when I don’t have the energy to answer “what’s wrong with you?”. I could dodge the pitying, curious, and judging stares that make me feel so much worse. Unfortunately while crps comes with many things invisibility is not one of them.



comments. questions. sarcastic remarks.

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