A bit of a follow-up on my previous post, Living on Borrowed Spoons.

It’s taken me quite a bit longer than I’d prefer to admit that pushing and using more spoons than I have per day was one of my dumber ideas. [I guess I can be a bit stubborn, who knew?!]

Most CRPS warriors I’ve met, including myself, have to push through some level of pain to function. I’ve found that I run into trouble when I push too far, when I “break my pain glass ceiling” as my physical therapist calls it.

To give you a more detailed picture, let’s take the broken pain scale that the American medical system is fond of.

When I’m at a 5 I could still push through a day of cell culturing at work which can bring me to a pain level of 7. Then if I were to go home and rest I can bring my pain level back to a 5. Or perhaps after a night of rest it will be down to a level 2. But, if I were to go home after work and clean my house this could bring my pain to a 9 and break through my pain ceiling. When I break through this arbitrary ceiling it takes me longer to recover and most times induces a pain level 10 flare that last anywhere from a few hours to weeks.

I’ve found CRPS to be an unpredictable beast. A beast I know how best to aggravate but not to pacify. A beast I am trying my best to not poke.

One thought on “Hoarding Spoons

  1. WOW, so exactly like I feel !! I have Arachnoiditis, and you sum up my situation very well. I know what will make it worse, but sometimes I flare even after I’ve done NOTHING that should have aggravated my pain !! After 9 years this is still one of the most infuriating things….Sometimes I must do things I know I will pay for but sometimes I pay for doing nothing bad !


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