Nothing has been easy in regards to complex regional pain syndrome (crps). The diagnosis, living with the illness, learning to work with crps, traveling, people’s judgements.

Three weeks ago I just got told by my company’s insurance company that I’m not sick, at least not sick enough.

I’m not sure why I expected the process to be easy.  A process that had already taken a pile of medical records (two years worth to be exact), explanations of benefits, co-pay receipts, doctors’ notes from three different hospitals, prescription records, and a constant repeated symptoms list to come to this conclusion. Oh and five months!

It took two general physicians five months to conclude that I’m not sick.

I don’t even know how to start to explain my frustration.

3 thoughts on ““You’re not sick.”

  1. I hear your words. My thoughts are you are sick with a dis-ease. As am I, since 2004.
    Are these doctors on your team, or on the team of your insurance company? Did you become injured on the job? Do you go to Kaiser? This is not an easy battle, and I am no expert. Just someone who understands your frustration and has realized there is a reason
    Doctors are “practicing medicine”.


    1. Such a truth about doctor’s practicing medicine! The doctor’s I wrote about in this article are employed by the insurance company; I am working on an appeal to their decision. I did not become sick on the job rather it seemed to come out of nowhere but settle in traumatic injury sites (See my article on My Journey with the Suicide Disease). Kaiser, I don’t follow?


  2. I’m so sorry. These people truly have no idea what it is like to live with CRPS day in and day out. There is no oh today I’ll turn off the pain so I can have a good day. Everyday sucks it just sucks to a different degree each day . A good day is when I got a good hour of sleep and can get out of bed without being in excruciating pain. Insurance companies have no idea what it is like. I recently needed my leg amputated in Jan . My other leg was amputated back in 99 and my insurance covered a wheelchair but they wouldn’t cover the ramp to get in and out of my house. They also said they would partly cover prosthetic legs or a wheelchair . They said if you have the prosthetics then you don’t need a wheelchair. I have no legs and sometimes I’m in so much pain I can’t where the prosthetics but I don’t have a wheelchair I can actually get around in . The one they gave us is your typical large heavy wheelchair that I can’t roll myself in and I certainly can’t fold it up myself without legs . Insurance companies are out for one thing and that’s money . They could care less about the person and what that person is going through. It’s absolutely disgusting. Again I’m so sorry for what you are going through. They have no clue as to what being sick is about !!!


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